I’ve been trying to get this post put up the past few days, but finally my fingers have defrosted enough to get it typed out.

I haven’t been at the facility this past week because I’ve been up in New Jersey working with some of the best strength coaches in the nation to make sure that you are getting the most of your program at Genesis.

Sorry… I Only Worked With Real Coaches & Trainers. No Situation Here

I have 3 words… “It Is Cold”

What I Have Woken Up To Everyday This Week

I’ve braved the 6-8 degree weather to make sure that I’m learning the newest ways out there to not only keep the Genesis athletes on top of their game and dominating, but also healthy.

What coaches and locations did I train and workout at?

Underground Strength Gym – Edison New JerseyZach Even-Esh

DeFranco’s Training Systems – Wyckoff, New JerseyJoe DeFranco & Mike Guadango

This month at Genesis is going to be intense.  With the knowledge I’m rolling back into town with is definitely going to give my athletes a step ahead of all their competition, and I would hate for you to miss out.

We have a few spots still open and normally this is about the time baseball coaches and parents make the horrible mistake of actually stopping their athlete from training, but not at Genesis.  We only work with the parents, athletes, and coaches who get it and because of that we haven’t had one athlete put his training on hold because the season is here.

If you think you have the drive and dedication to become a champion and dominate the competition, then you need to call us today at (832) 380-5436 to set up your free trial before all our spots are filled.

Don’t wait and get pass by.  Contact us today before are spots are full and you get stuck on the waiting list.

In Strength (and Warmth),


P.S. – Can’t wait to see all my athletes this Friday!!