Let Us Help Your Child Run Faster, Be a Better Athlete, & Improve Their Health While Having Fun!

Youth Athletic Development Program

Ages 7-12

General Information:

  • When: Recommended times – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (not mandatory, all class times are open to younguns)
  • Where: 20220 Hempstead Rd. Suite 11 Houston, TX 77065
  • Who: 7-12 year old boys and girls
  • Cost: $45/week
  • Class Size Max: 16
  • Dress Code: Athletic clothing, tennis shoes, and water bottle
  • How to Sign-Up/Schedule: http://bit.ly/gen-athlete

What is the Genesis Youth Athletic Development Program?

The Genesis Youth Athletic Development Program is designed to help athletes ages 7-12 increase their athletic ability, build a solid  athletic and healthy physical foundation, and turn athletic training into something fun and enjoyable!

In the 7-12 age group kids need to learn how to correctly move, develop body control/awareness, and train their body in a way that provides the building blocks needed for them to stay healthy and continue to improve their athletic ability as they get older.

The skills, habits, and attitudes they create at this age can transform who they become for the rest of their lives.

The Youth Athletic Development Program was created with the goal of taking younger athletes and giving them the skills and confidence they’ll need to succeed – now, in middle school, and beyond.

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We believe that every kid should have the opportunity to build a solid athletic foundation physically and mentally.

On top of professional athlete training, your child will also begin to develop a positive mindset for competition through goal setting and a host of other tools to help with discipline and positive affirmation.

At Genesis we are focused on developing lifetime athletes. While speed ladders and drills are important in developing an athlete, we go beyond the playing field to develop our athletes.

How do I Sign-Up/Schedule?

Just click HERE or on the link below and schedule your son/daughter for any of the Athlete sessions and call 832-380-5436 to confirm! You can also email us at genesis.strength@gmail.com

We will only allow a maximum of 15 athletes in each class and you must schedule online before coming.

*** http://bit.ly/gen-athlete ***

We are looking forward to transforming the young athletes in the area so they develop the physical foundations and confidence to succeed in their sport and in life!

-Team Genesis

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