A quick post today talking about a few changes that are going on at the facility and the Genesis website.

1) If you enjoyed the Monday Morning QB, Q&A, and other educational posts, then you need to check out my personal blog that will now be hosting all of those posts.  It will be back up running next week so get ready for some killer content.  You can find my personal blog at DClaiborne.com.

2) Genesis now offers morning adult programs.  If you are tired of your normal gym and wish you could achieve that lean and athletic physique then you need to check out the Adult Programs page.  There is also a contest running right now, that whoever comes up with the best name for the Adult Programs gets 1 FREE Month of Training.

3) Get ready for a ton more film, pictures, testimonials, and posts of our workouts (athlete and adults) from inside the facility.  These athletes (and now adults) are kicking some serious butt and because of that need to be shown off.  So be sure to keep checking out the website to see some of the awesome, hardcore, intense, and results getting training that is going on at the facility.  Also in the next few weeks, the website is also going to receive a huge overhaul offering even more free goodies for the serious athlete, so stay tuned.

If you are serious about your training and want to get the most out of it, then you need to contact us today at (832) 380-5436 to set up your FREE Consultation & Trial.  We only have a few spots available so don’t hesitate.

Don’t forget… Comment below on this post with some name suggestions for the new Adult Program, and the winner will receive 1 FREE Month.