With my wife out of town, I’ve had to fend for myself when it comes food and that has caused me to crack open the recipe book in my brain. These recipes have been created with three things in mind. To create and help build as much muscle as possible, to only take 10 minutes to prepare, to be cheap, and to have the ability to make huge batches and so it can be eaten on for the next few days.

The recipe below I created back in college, and was one of the main meals I ate consistently when putting on muscle. It has everything you need. Protein, multiple sources of healthy dense carbs, natural fats, and multiple vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

The dish is called “Mush”, but tastes shockingly well.


  • 2 lbs lean ground beef – grass fed preferable and at least 90% lean.
  • One entire box of Uncle Ben’s Minute Rice (roughly 4 bags in a box)
  • 2 cans Ranch Style Beans (or if you don’t live in the south/Texas any type of beans work)
  • Your favorite hot sauce/salsa


  1. In a non stick skillet brown lean ground beef.
  2. While meat is browning, in a pot bring water to a boil. Use enough to cook every bag of rice (follow instructions on box for prep)
  3. Once water is boiling cook rice in pot according to instructions.
  4. After rice has finished cooking drain pot, open bags of rice, and put back into empty pot.
  5. Add browned ground beef.
  6. Open cans of beans and pour into pot.
  7. Stir thoroughly adding hot sauce/salsa to taste.
  8. Split up the pot into either 4 servings to get 50 grams of protein for each meal, or 6 servings to get roughly 30 grams of protein in each meal.

Serve with a side of spinach or broccoli and you have one of the best muscle building meals you could prepare.

Give it a shot and be sure to let me know how it tastes and what you think.