There is nothing better in my day than training an athlete who has that fire and passion not just in his eyes, but in his heart and soul.

99% of the time, this type of passion is backed up by a parent who supports their athlete and helps them stick to the training, hang in there, and get even tougher when the situation calls for it. It is these type of traits and having people support and grow them are what forms leaders and champions.

I’ve seen too many parents quit on their son and come up with every excuse under the sun as to why they can’t train anymore.

Something I have learned during my years of working with athletes, is that if I want my own kid to become a leader and champion, I must support them every way possible, and try my hardest to ALWAYS give them the best I can.

I have had parents hold training at Genesis over an athlete’s head as a reward if they make certain grades or don’t screw up in school. For a few athletes, it actually works and they truly get after it to keep training, but the majority of the athletes (the ones who don’t really care), could care less about what they do in school or how they train. Why? Because they don’t have that fire and passion to become a champion and a leader. It all comes from hunger… What are you hungry for and what will you do to achieve it?

We run small groups to train athletes, because I want every athlete who walks in the door to get better to learn how to motivate and push the people who are suffering and working as hard as possible to get better.

We have 7th grade baseball kids yelling and screaming at high school seniors to finish a set or calling them out to add more weight… and you know what happens? The senior won’t get mad or pissed off. He realizes he was slacking and pushes himself even harder… These are the types of athletes that make everyone around them better.

I don’t want ONE athlete to be the leader at Genesis. I want everyone to be a leader and give their best EVERY SINGLE TIME, and we expect the same from anyone interested in the program.

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