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28 06, 2012

Genesis Strength TV – Episode #7 Summer Edition

Genesis Strength TV - Summer 2012 This Episode Talks About: New Local Athletes New College Athletes Our College Athletes Who Headed Off to School Already Awards and Congrats to Athletes Nutrition Program Being Released & More

12 04, 2012

Genesis Strength TV – Episode #5

Genesis Strength TV - April 12th, 2012 This Weeks Episode Talks About: Our New Athletes Athletes Who Graduated Into the Advanced Program Texas Strongest Athlete Competition Spring Football Training Schedule Collecting Updated Contact Info

16 01, 2012

Houston Baseball Training – Genesis Style

Our Houston high school baseball athletes are preparing for the start of their season. These guys have been working all summer and fall to get a strong, explosive, powerful, fast, and healthy as possible so when they step out on that diamond they are ready to dominate. Check out a few minutes of their workout from a few weeks ago to get them ahead of the competition. www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXQr-DGnYVc