Are you strong enough to be fast?

The easiest way to increase your speed is to get stronger… Period.

Far to often to athletes and parents get caught up in the gimmicks of “speed training”, and forget what actually makes someone not just faster, but also a better athlete.  That is strength and power.

Athletes and parents come to me all the time asking if I can make them faster, but then turning around and saying that they aren’t allowed to squat because of a lower back weakness or knee problem.

If you continue to baby a weak area, how is it ever going to get stronger and healthier?  If you have a weak lower back, then no matter how “fast” you become, you aren’t going to go anywhere.

You have to lift hard, heavy, correct, and powerful.  If you do this and concentrate on your entire backside (calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and upper back), then you will get faster.

Chains On a 45 Degree Hyper = Ultimate Speed Builder

Far too often to people only train what they can see and this causes all sorts of muscle imbalances, injuries, weaknesses, and problems.

You give the body a good hard dose of posterior chain training using the correct exercises, techniques, and methods, you automatically become faster… and not just faster on a straight away like other speed schools teach.

You start exploding in and out of cuts, accelerate faster, run through and around people, change of direction, and dominate no matter what situation you are in during the game.

BUT If you continue to train how everyone else trains then all you can get prepared for, is injuries, muscle imbalances, never getting better, and never reaching your true potential.

If you are ready to unleash that inner beast, then you MUST call us today at (832) 380-5436 or click here for your free consultation and trial to see if you qualify to train at Genesis.

If I didn’t have the money, but was serious about my off-season training, I definitely know what I would be asking for for Christmas…

Check out these pics of some of our athletes cranking out some posterior chain work and lifting heavy.

Bryce a 16 Year Old Running Back Banging Out 435lbs for Reps!!

Connor Blasting Through a 500lb Deadlift!!


P.S. We only want the most dedicated and serious athletes.  The trial isn’t to see if you like the program, it is to see how hard you want to work to become the best and if you are a good fit for the program. Call us today to get scheduled before the last remaining off-season spots fill up.

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