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Genesis Fitness & Performance has been the leader and pioneer of Sports Performance training in the greater Houston area since 2009. Genesis has been helping athletes improve their performance consistently with its cutting edge, comprehensive programs and philosophies.

All programs begin with an individual assessment to analyze specific movement and performance variables for each athlete. Based off the results from the assessment, each athlete receives an individualized training program providing them the exact training they need to address the issues discovered during the assessment and become a better athlete.

Areas that are assessed include:

  • Sprint Mechanics
  • Footwork
  • Power Production
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Base Strength Levels
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Work Capacity
  • Confidence & Mental Toughness

We GUARANTEE that our cutting edge programs create bigger, stronger, and faster athletes in far less time than traditional methods or other programs located around the Houston, TX area.

At Genesis Fitness & Performance You WILL:

  • Increase Your Chances of Making the Team or Getting a Scholarship
  • Develop Explosive Power
  • Make Rapid, Brutal Strength Gains
  • Increase Your Speed
  • Jump Higher
  • Minimize Your Risk of Injury
  • Improve Your Confidence
  • Discover the Secrets of High Performance Nutrition
  • Ace the 40 Yard Dash, 5-10-5 Shuttle, Vertical and Other Sport Specific Tests
  • And Much More!

We take the time to understand each factor that affects our athletes each time they walk into Genesis. We always want to know what else our athletes have done that day, what they’ve eaten, how they feel, even how school and class is going.

By doing this, each program then becomes optimized to ensure that every athlete stays injury-free, healthy, and dominates anytime they perform.

To maximize our athletes results and instruction, Genesis Fitness & Performance never allows no more than a 6:1 athlete to coach ratio.

Every Training Session Includes:

  • Mobility & Flexibility training so our athletes move better and stay healthy
  • Speed and agility training so they can accelerate faster and change direction quicker than their competition
  • Core training because that is the foundation for any athlete
  • Sport specific power development, so no matter what movements they perform in their sport, they are explosive every time
  • Sport specific strength training because if everything else is equal, the stronger athlete will ALWAYS win
  • Conditioning that is specific to our athletes sports, positions, and needs
  • Recovery and regeneration techniques to keep our athletes fresh, healthy, and performing at their highest level

Genesis Fitness & Performance Athlete Training Options:


  • Developmental Program:
    • This program is our entry-level program for any athlete age 8 – 11 years old. This program teaches athletes how to move efficiently and improves strength, coordination, stability, mobility, speed, agility, and work capacity. Developmental athletes utilize bodyweight strength exercises and are introduced to foundational exercises to prepare them for future, more intensive training.
  • Rookie Program:
    • This program is our intermediate level program for athletes in middle school and younger high school athletes. It is based around key foundational exercises to dramatically increase the athlete’s strength and ability to transfer their improved strength into power and speed in their sport. Plyometrics, power exercises, advanced bodyweight exercises, and conditioning methods are also introduced in this phase to make sure each athlete continues to progress.
  • Elite Program:
    • This is our most advanced program and is designed specifically for older high school and college athletes. This program allows the athlete to train multiple variables at once to develop incredible strength, speed, and power in the fastest, most efficient way possible. This program has helped many athletes attain their goals of playing college sports and even reaching the professional level.
  • Pro Athlete Program:
    • Please call for information.

How Do I Get Started?

Before training at Genesis Fitness & Performance, every athlete will go through an initial assessment 1-on-1 with a coach.

This assessment includes:

  • Goal setting session where the athlete, coach, and parent sit down to set their short term and long term goals.
  • Movement screen, which helps reveal muscle imbalances and movement issues that, are holding the athlete back in their sport
  • Athlete performance testing which will evaluate speed, strength, agility, coordination, explosiveness, and endurance
  • Program selection where the coach, parent, and athlete will work together to find the optimal program.

Contact us NOW by clicking on the graphic below or calling (832) 380-5436 to schedule your free assessment and learn how Genesis Fitness & Performance can help you accomplish all of your Sports Performance and Athletic goals!

Genesis High School Wall of Fame


  • Otaro Alaka – 1st Team All District (2013)
  • Brady Wright – 1st Team All District (2013)
  • Charlie Booker – 1st Team All District (2013)
  • Kalen Lavine – 2nd Team All District (2013)
  • Bryce Peters – 1st Team All District (2012) | 1st Team All-District (2011)
  • Jacorey Warrick – 1st Team All-District (2012) | 2nd Team All-District (2011)
  • Dakota Upshaw – 2nd Team All-District (2012)
  • Cole Martin – 2nd Team All District (2013) || 2nd Team All District (2012)
  • Daylan Skidmore – 1st Team All-District (2011) | 1st Team All-District (2010)
  • Colton Huntsman – 1st Team All-District (2010), Honorable Mention All-State (2010)
  • Colton Beardmore – 2nd Team All-District (2010)


  • Aaron Fletcher – 1st Team All District (2014)
  • Cole Hanson – 1st Team All District (2014)
  • Gonzalo Garcia Sosa – 1st Team All District (2014)
  • Kyle Finkenstaedt – 1st Team All District (2014)
  • Johnny Rizer – 1st Team All District (2014)
  • Maxx Chrest – 2nd Team All District (2014)
  • Sean Hudson – Honorable Mention All District (2014)
  • Gabe Sequeria – Honorable Mention All District (2014)
  • Tyler Rand – Honorable Mention All District (2014)
  • Mark Hammel – 1st Team All District (2014) | 2nd Team All District (2013) | Honorable Mention All District (2012)
  • Riley Gossett – 1st Team All District (2014) | Honorable Mention All District (2013)
  • Langham Creek Varsity Baseball – District Champs (2012) | District Champs (2014)
  • Bryce Johnson – 1st Team All District (2013)
  • Hunter Lemke – 1st Team All-District (2010)
  • Scott Stanley – 1st Team All-District (2010)
  • Horacio Correa – 1st Team All-District (2010)


  • Nick Pellegrino – 1st Place District, 4th Place Regionals 132lb Division (2014)
  • Zack Reese – 1st Place District, 1st Place Regionals, 2nd Place State 132lb Division (2013) || 2nd Place District, 3rd Place Regionals, 6th Place State 126lb Division (2012)
  • Jake Ekster – 1st Place District, 1st Place Regionals, 2nd Place State 135lb Division (2011)


  • Qay Cleveland – 1st Team All-District (2014)
  • Jenny Nash – 1st Team All-District (2011) | 1st Team All-District (2010)
  • Audrey Garcia – 1st Team All District (2011)
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“Tremendous improvement on the field… No other training like this in the city…” – Spencer Pyles – Football Parent

“Everyone can see how much his game has improved… The training has been a huge blessing…” – Jennifer Peters – Football Parent

“Last year he had trouble completing wrestling moves because a lack of strength…. This year he was the wrestler everyone was gunning for…” – Jeff Clayton – Wrestling Parent

“Added 12-15lbs of muscle… Became more stronger & explosive giving him more confidence in his performance…” – Kevin Waddell – Baseball Parent

“Scored one of the top Nike SPARQ combine ratings & ran one the fastest 40 times all season long…” – Terrence Tolden – Football Parent
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“I got more powerful & explosive… Just what I was looking for…” – Jared Perry – Chicago Rush

“All my lifts have gone up… I’ve shaved a full tenth off my 40 in just a few weeks…” – Colby Goodwin – College Football Athlete

“I wish I had a place to train like this in high school or even college…” – Robbie Weinhardt – Detroit Tigers Organization

“Gained 12 pounds, dropped 2 tenths off my 40, & increased my vertical by 5 inches…” – Colton Beardmore – College Football Athlete

“The training has paid off in the few months I’ve been coming…” – Austin Wood Detroit Tigers Organization

“Put on over 10lbs of muscle… My speed, agility, and footwork has gotten faster… These are some of the most intense workouts I’ve ever done…” – Colton H. – College Football Athlete

“Since I’ve been coming my power, hitting, and arm strength has increased… I gained 10lbs of muscle in 3 weeks…” – Cory Hulsey – College Baseball Athlete
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