As an athlete you must have superior grip strength no matter what sport or position you play.  Whether you are trying to control a baseball during a pitch, hold a bat, grab an opponent to make a block or tackle, grapple with someone or anything else, you must have the grip strength in order to dominate.

This is why athletes train their grip nearly on a daily basis at Genesis.  But because of the constant heavy weights, farmer walks, deadlifts, kb swings, keg cleans, etc., everyone’s hands get pretty beat up and calloused.  Now callouses aren’t a bad thing and are great to toughen up the hands, but they need to be treated occasionally so you don’t end up with an inch of dead skin just waiting to be ripped off causing some down time.

Training and Playing Sports are not Fun When Your Hand Looks Like This

For 2 bucks you can have the best of both worlds.  Tough strong hands, without callouses that have the chance to rip off and interfere with your workouts and training.  Go to any drug store, grocery store, Target, Wal-Mart and buy a pumice stone.  They are located where all the nail polish is so act manly when heading down that aisle, but it is worth the trip.

This is What Every Strong Macho Needs in His Shower...

Keep the stone in the shower and before you get out at least once a week just tear into your hands with it.  Scrubbing every calloused spot making sure that you get a lot of the dead skin off.  This leaves your skin tough but without the callouses so you can get back training and playing with the strongest toughest hands out there without worrying about losing chunks of skin.

Suck up your fear of heading into the woman’s sections of stores and grab a stone.  Or if you really can’t man up and do it then you can buy one of those Ped Egg things but seriously…  which looks better?  Rubbing your hands with a raw rock or with a shiny plastic egg thingy.