Project Description

Championships are won in the off-season! Join the Genesis Baseball Off-Season Training Program and elevate your game above the competition!

Baseball athletes tend to be relatively strength deficient, have little to no strength and conditioning experience, and possess severe imbalance issues between their left and right sides from years of baseball. Our program aims to first assess an athletes’ initial strength, speed, agility, and imbalance issues. From there we will utilize the information obtained from that initial assessment to address specific issues with each athlete in the training program. Phase one of the program focuses on creating an athletic foundation, increasing work capacity, fixing muscular imbalances via unilateral exercises, and improving joint health. Phase two will be a transition phase focusing on increasing overall strength, shoulder health, and an introduction to rotational power exercises. Phase three will have a rotational power emphasis along with the goal of transforming the strength gains from phase one and two into power the athletes can use on the field. Throughout the program we will utilize Functional Range Conditioning methodologies to emphasize shoulder and back health.


Our Baseball Strength and Conditioning Program includes

  • 4 months of 3 customized workouts per week (with an optional 4th recovery day) based on each athlete’s needs, position, and goals 

  • Workouts will consist of rotational power, strength, mobility & flexibility, speed & agility, conditioning, and grip work

  • Workouts will be updated every 3-4 weeks to make sure the athlete never plateaus and peaks right at the start of the season

  • Mobility, flexibility, and core strength homework to keep shoulders, knees, elbows, and other joints healthy while building a strong powerful core


Program Pricing

3x Week = $157/month, no contract           Paid in Full = $519, over $100 savings!

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