The wait is finally over.  After being asked day in and day out by parents, coaches, athletes, etc. what supplements they should take, the Genesis Supplement Line is now available.  In an effort to keep costs low for anyone interested in getting high quality supplements, I decided to not sell the supplement line at the facility or online, but instead let True Protein take care of everything.  This not only guarantees that the costs are going to be the absolute lowest, but you will never have to worry about the product being in stock, back ordered, etc.

So what is the Genesis Supplement line?  Well after months of research, trial and error, and working with other strength coaches and sports nutritionists, I finally created 3 supplements that are designed to make you a better athlete by recovering faster, adding in much needed calories, and providing high quality protein sources so you get the most out of each serving.

I have been using and working with True Protein for 4 years now and they weren’t just the first company I contacted when wanting to put together supplements, but the only.  They only use the highest quality materials, have the best customer service, and watch out for each customer.

So here are the 3 new Genesis Supplements:

#1 – Genesis Recovery Fuel

Designed to make sure that you get the calories and nutrients when they are most important, post workout. Genesis Recovery Fuel helps with recovery and muscle growth by causing an increase in certain muscle building hormones (primarily insulin) that forces the nutrients your body is craving straight into the muscles.  This formula was designed based off athlete’s recovery rates from different ingredients, ratios, and combinations at Genesis Athletic Performance.  The faster you can recover, the harder you can train and better you can perform in the games.

#2 – Genesis Protein Blend

You must consume protein to build muscle.  A lot of the time though it is difficult to sit down and have some beef, chicken, tuna, or eggs.  This is when Genesis Protein Blend should be used.  It is a great substitute to be used when you are short on time or need some protein without having to prepare or cook anything.  This specific blend was formulated to provide your body a continuous stream of amino acids keeping you in a longer anabolic (muscle building) state between meals.

#3 – Genesis Muscle Builder

Effective at quickly adding and maintaining size that it’s the favorite gainer of athletes and regular clients trying to add on some muscle at Genesis Athletic Performance.  Most athletes don’t have the ability to sit and eat 4-7 meals a day which is needed to add on the muscle that they need.  Because of this, Genesis Muscle Builder was created.  This exact formula has been used to add on quality muscle to each athlete taking it.  It is not just a way to make sure you are consuming enough calories each day to pack on muscle, but it is also configured to provide some of the best carbohydrate and protein sources found in any weight gainer.

Give these formulas a try and I promise you will be killing your workouts and the competition.

If you would like an extra 5-10% off every order, when ordering use the coupon code “BOHICA” when checking out.

If you have any questions or would like any recommendations based off your own situation please comment below and I will get them answered.