How Smart Middle School Athletes Run Faster, Get Stronger, Build Power, & Become a Better Athletes

Speed, Agility, & Strength Training for Athletes Ages 12-14

What is Accelerated Athlete Training?

The Genesis Fitness & Performance Accelerated Athlete training program is designed to help middle school athletes grow, increase their athletic ability, and develop the right way.

By the time the typical athlete reaches high school, they’ve played several sports under a dozen or more coaches, but they likely haven’t mastered or even been taught the basic skills needed to build a solid athletic foundation guaranteeing them success in the future.

This also means they haven’t had the chance to learn the basics like how to run and jump correctly, move their body efficiently, and how to safely build strength, which may be holding them back from playing at their best or even enjoying sports at all.

As the parent of a middle school athlete, you have a lot of difficult decisions to make. Finding the right teams, providing your child with training giving them the best opportunities to succeed, and prioritizing their activities in a very busy and hectic schedule.  These decisions not only affect the athlete right now, but later in life as well.

The skills, habits, and attitudes they create at this age can transform who they become as they get older.

The Accelerated Athlete program was created with the goal of taking younger athletes and giving them the skills and confidence they’ll need to succeed – now, in high school, and for the rest of their lives.

Accelerated Athletes will learn:

  • How to warm up properly so they can avoid injury
  • How to run with the best form so they can be the fastest on the field
  • How to stop & change direction so they can speed past defenders and make more plays
  • How to strength train the right way so they will play better now – and be ready for high school
  • How to be a stronger leader and better teammate so they will get the respect of all their coaches and teachers

Every Athlete Is Unique

Your athlete has different needs, goals, and progresses at a different rate than his friends and teammates, and we want to be sure they have the chance to get the training they need to help them develop the right way.

Your son or daughter’s training journey will begin with a free workout with their age group.  This is to help introduce them to the program, while allowing us to see their strengths, weaknesses, and find out more about them.  The goal is to help them continue to grow stronger, faster, more confident, and never plateau along every step of the program.

Ages are not strict guidelines but instead general ranges. For safety and proper development, athletes will need to meet certain strength, speed, and coordination standards in order to move up to the next level.  This can be determined during the initial free workout, or as your child progresses in the following weeks or months.  One thing is for sure, they will never be bored or doing a workout that is below their ability no matter what their age is.

Why is training important for middle school athletes?

Smart training prevents injuries

Many young athletes today play the same sports year-round. This repetition can lead to the development of injuries, including ACL tears, knee pain, shoulder injuries, and low back pain.

Strength training in young athletes can reverse this damage and prevent these injuries before they happen.

Learning to move properly builds a solid athletic base

Many young athletes don’t have a solid athletic base so when they do get into high school sports and training, they aren’t able to maximize their results and can never fully apply their strength and power increases onto the field.

Every Training Session Includes:

  • Mobility & Flexibility training so our athletes move better and stay healthy
  • Speed and agility training so they can accelerate faster and change direction quicker than their competition
  • Core training because that is the foundation for any athlete
  • Proper strength training in the basic lifts so they develop strength safely, correctly, and quickly.
  • Bodyweight strength training because the athlete who can move their body better will ALWAYS win.
  • Conditioning that builds a solid base allowing them to stay in shape and perform at their highest level year round.

What type of Middle School Athlete should be part of our Accelerated Athlete Program?

Any athlete looking to:

  • Play a sport or multiple sports at the high school level
  • Try out a new sport but feels they may be behind their competition
  • Build a solid base in speed, power, and strength so they continually improve
  • Build Confidence

What are my training options?

Our Accelerated Athlete program is offered the following times:

  • Monday – Friday @ 5:00PM
  • Saturday @ 10:00

We also offer make-up sessions Monday & Wednesday @ 7:00PM & Saturday @ 11:00AM.

How do I get started?

Before training at Genesis Fitness & Performance, every middle school athlete will participate in a free workout to see how well they move their body, their power, and basic strength level in bodyweight exercises.

This free workout includes:

  • Goal setting session where the athlete, coach, and parent sit down to set their short term and long term goals after the workout.
  • A workout with athletes their age to see if they belong in that group or can progress to our more advanced group if needed.
  • Movement screen, running/jumping mechanics, and bodyweight strength tests which helps the coach understand any issues or needs that might be holding the athlete back in their sport(s).
  • Program Selection where the coach, parent, and athlete will work together to find the optimal program.

After this initial workout, you will know exactly what your son or daughter needs to work on to be their absolute best. You will also have the chance to ask any questions you may have about training and nutrition for young athletes and students.

Contact us NOW by clicking on the graphic below or calling (832) 380-5436 to schedule your free workout and learn how Genesis Fitness & Performance can help you accomplish all of your Sports Performance and Athletic goals!