A big congrats to Cy-Fair wrestler Jake Ekster.  Jake went to one of the biggest wrestling tournaments in the nation in North Carolina two weekends ago and put on a clinic showing everyone else in his weight class that wrestling in Texas is coming on strong.

The Super32 tournament Jake competed against only allows the best of the best to register for it, so coming away as good as he did peaked the interest of a lot of college coaches.

Jake finished the tournament up with a 4-2 record and won 2 of those matches in the last seconds because of his excellent conditioning.  The other guys who eat, sleep, and train wrestling 24/7 were gassed and had no power while Jake kept going strong all the way through the 3rd period.

Jake defeated a wrestler from Georgia who placed in state, a wrestler from Pennsylvania who placed in state, and the Delaware State Champ who is currently ranked 15th in the Nation.  If you know anything about wrestling, you know just how big the East Coast is when it comes to wrestling, and Jake showed them all what some hardcore intense training can do.

Huge congrats to Jake, and if you haven’t checked out his video testimonial about his training at Genesis you can view it below.


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