As football starts winding down for the majority of people, it’s time to ask yourself how things went.

If you are a coach:

  • Was your team prepared?
  • Did you have a good enough off-season to put your team in a position to even have a good season?
  • Did your in-season program work well enough to keep your players healthy, fast, powerful, and explosive?… Did you even have an in-season program?

If you are a player:

  • Did you do everything you possibly could nutrition, recovery, and training wise last off-season to have a good season?
  • How much time did you spend watching film and fixing your mistakes?
  • Did your in-season training program work well enough to make sure you were just as strong, and powerful on the last play of the season as you were the first?

Well luckily for you, it doesn’t matter what you answered to any of the above questions.


Because it is a brand new off-season and right now you need to make the decision on how hard you are going to work this off-season to become better.

The others who aren’t motivated will say “I’m beat up… I’ll start in January”, or “I’ll train when my team starts their program”, or coaches will say “it’s been such a long season, we need a few weeks recovery before getting after it again”.

The Only Time Off Cush Will Spend This Off-Season Is To Get A Nose Job

Most athletes and coaches will go that route, but hopefully you wont. You need to get going now and hit it hard if you really want to get the most out of this off-season.

Here is a video of Brian Cushing, Connor Barwin, and JJ Watt performing one of their upper body sessions at Genesis to hopefully get you fired up for your off-season program.

These guys crushed their training last off-season and look how well they are dominating even at the end of the season.

So what are you waiting for? Get to the gym, or get to work on creating your teams off-season programs. I expect any football player or coach who reads this blog to write me nothing but success stories on how awesome this up coming season ends up.