Above – FAST & STRONG – Funny How They Go Hand in Hand!

Since football off-season is now here, we constantly get calls with the same question over and over again, so lets set the record straight.

You want speed training? You want to actually get faster and more powerfull?

The actual TRUTH about getting fast, agile, and still have the power to run through any opponent like semi-truck?

You think real speed training has anything to do with using “agility” ladders, strength shoes, stretchy bands, or parachutes?

What about first step quickness? Parents ask all the time about first step quickness when their kid barely has any muscle, is soft, and can barely perform a correct squat with his own bodyweight…

Compare the two pictures above.  Both are NFL Offensive Linemen… Which do you think has the better “first step quickness”?  Not the fat dough boy thats for sure.

Do the athletes that worry about speed and “first step quickness actually need all these fancy worthless training methods? NO. They need MORE muscle, less body fat, and once that is acehived they automatically become more explosive. Their strength and power translate into force production through his legs into the ground, which is the #1 KEY to speed. If you’re FAT and/or WEAK sorry, don’t ask or talk to us abut first step quickness.
Have you forgotten what makes an athlete FAST? Do you KNOW what is the MAIN contributor to speed?

Or, perhaps you’ve read too many magazines and watched too much ESPN and you’ve been brain washed into thinking that fads and gimmicks will help make you a faster athlete.
Have you ever seen a weak athlete who is FAST?


Do you notice that the FAST, AGILE, and POWERFULL athletes are nearly always built like a brick house?

Above, Agile, Mobile & Hostile. Strong as Hell to Boot!

At Genesis, we get RESULTS. No flashy equipment, or futuristic machine that guarantees speed.  We don’t conform to the “speed schools” who have the fancy cones and ladders to run through. Instead, we develop brutally strong, explosive, quick, and confident athletes that excel no matter what situation they are faced with on the field.

Everything we do is focused on making you faster and more explosive. So if you’re asking if we do “speed training”, the answers is “You Are Damn Straight We Do!!”

But don’t ask us about ladders, gimmicks and fads. We’re not here to use the industry buzz words to get you to sign up or show off fancy $10,000 machines that do nothing.  We create beastly, successfull athletes through by getting exceptional results that comes the “old fashioned” way, through gut busting effort and lots of sweat.

Are you ready to earn your speed?


PS: If you like running through cones, or dancing down a ladder, then go elsewhere.

If you want to become an absolute wrecking machine that leaves a wake of destruction everything you step onto the field then call us for your FREE Trial & Consultation.  Not every athlete is accepted and there are only a few spots remaining for this off season…

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