Did you know that the average high school football player loses 10lbs and 15-25% of their speed and strength they worked so hard build up over summer over the course of an entire season?

You must have a good in season training program if you want to continue to dominate your games at the end of the season like you did at the beginning.

Not only will you stay stronger, faster, more explosive, and healthier than everyone else, but by participating in a good in season football program, you will be ready to dominate the next off season.

Check out this video of some of our more serious high school football athletes putting in the work to become the best.

If you are serious about taking your football game and training to the next level, then don’t settle for other places that stick you in with the other athletes.  You have to train different to be different.  Contact us today to set up your FREE Consultation & Trial so you can dominate the competition – (832) 380-5436.