Genesis isn’t just growing in terms of athletes, but the athletes are starting to do things… big things.  Check out this picture from the local Cy-Fair Sun paper.

10 Genesis Athletes all made the front page of the local paper in the same issue.  These athletes worked their butts off over the summer and fall to get better and other people are starting to notice.  A huge congrats to all the Genesis Athletes below who made it on the front page.

Casey Rosellini – Cy-Fair 7 on 7 Dawgs

Lawson Pyles – Cy-Fair 7 on 7 Dawgs

Brandon DePrato – Cy-Fair 7 on 7 Dawgs

Cameron Howland – Cy-Fair 7 on 7 Dawgs

Zach Nichols – Cy-Fair 7 on 7 Dawgs

CJ Jones – Cy-Fair 7 on 7 Dawgs

Nick McKnight – Cy-Fair 7 on 7 Dawgs

Jenny Nash – Cy-Woods Girls Basketball Team

Audrey Garcia – Cy-Woods Girls Basketball Team

Jake Ekster – Cy-Fair High School Wrestler


Congrats again to all of the athletes and I know for a fact that this won’t be the only time Genesis Athletes take over the media!!

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