This past Saturday, a few Genesis athletes and coaches decided to do something different.  They competed in a strongman competition.  Why?  Because if you want to become the best possible athlete, you must be able to compete and train outside your comfort zone and succeed at it.

This was everyone’s first strongman competition, but it didn’t stop them from dominating.  These guys were competing against people who train specifically for these types of competitions and travel across the nation.

This is what being an athlete and a champion is all about.  Succeeding no matter what type of situation athletically or in life you are put in.

Huge Congrats to these athlete’s and coaches who placed:

1st Place Teen Division – Bryce Peters

2nd Place Teen Division – Jared Gansert

2nd Place Police/Military/Fire Division – Connor Galneau

Tied for 2nd Place Lightweight Open Division – David Claiborne

And a Big Thanks to Nate Green and Alex Rendon for coming out to support the athletes on a Saturday morning.

Here is a video of some of the events that took place:

If you want to take your game to the next level and truly become a better athlete, then you need to stop worrying about correct running form, running around cones, and dancing through speed ladders, and train to become powerful, strong, and explosive.

If you are committed to becoming the best then Genesis is where you belong.  The word is getting out and spots are filling up quickly!!  We only allow 60 athletes into the program at one time to make sure each one gets exactly what they need to become the best, and there are only a few spots available.

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In Strength,

David Claiborne

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