So You Aren’t An “Athlete” Anymore?

For Most That Might Seem True…

But For You?  That Is B.S.

Do you miss the training, competition, feeling of accomplishment, and bonding with your teammates through blood, sweat, and tears?

Have you been searching for all of the above? Do you still have that drive and toughness to push yourself, outwork, outlast, and be more successful in your training and life than everyone else your age (and younger)? If the answers are YES, then Genesis has finally opened its doors for you.

I get asked multiple times a day if I train adults or work with non-athletes and the answer hasn’t always been just a no, but a HELL NO!!!

Why?  Because I don’t like training the normal adult population or client who doesn’t have the desire to achieve something more than lose 10lbs or become a little leaner before swimsuit season.

I don’t work with athletes who are whiners, cry babies, or are not motivated to do something great, so why waste my time with adults who are that way?

But If You Are Truly Serious About Your Training Then Keep Reading…

There is now program specifically for you… Project: G

Project: G is an elite training program open to any adult who still has that competitive drive and desire to be the best inside of them.

These won’t be your typical workouts as you aren’t a typical person…

If you think this program MIGHT be for you, then it isn’t…

Tire Kickers, Slackers, Procrastinators will not be accepted into this program!!

Project: G is only for those who know exactly what they want both in their training and life and just lack the proper environment to achieve it.

There is an even stricter application process to be accepted into Project: G than we use with our athletes.

Why?  Because younger athletes can still be shaped, taught, and shown exactly what hard work is and why it is required to be successful.

With adults that isn’t true.  The saying “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks”, applies here.

If You Know Project: G is for YOU and are Ready to Step Up and Get The Most Out of Your Body, Mind, and Life, Then Click Here to Fill Out The Application – Project: G

Hope To See You On The Other Side,