You see videos, posts, pictures, etc. weekly from me on here about pushing past your limits, doing what no one else is doing to become the best, and staying motivated.

Today is the same thing, but it is written to be read by me…

I am going to be a dad in just a few short months…

Why did I put become a dad instead of becoming a father?  That is simple.

  • To become a father you have to go above and beyond what it takes to be a dad and try to help your child achieve the things no one else thought they could achieve.
  • To become a father you have to provide for your child and try to give them the best chances to succeed in life while making sure they stay grounded and learn to work hard.
  • But most importantly you have to love and care for your child and this is what I must do.

I learn so much just from talking to the dads fathers of my athletes who sacrifice their time, money, and make countless other sacrifices to make sure their son gets the most opportunities to succeed in life.

My dad father was just like this.  He put himself dead last and everyone above him… He still does and ever since I was little I knew that if I wanted to be an excellent dad… and make that leap from dad to father, if I did what he did I would have no problem making it.

At the facility I care about every athlete and how they are progressing not just in sports, but in life.  I enjoy having them talk to me and tell them other stuff that is happening in their lives outside of sports and would do anything to watch them succeed.

I want to be my like father and the fathers of my athletes.  They are willing to do anything in order to make sure their son succeeds and finishes.  Everything gets put on hold when their son needs them and they do what they can to help…  This is what being a father is and these are the parents whose kids I love to train and be around.

If you want a good idea of what I mean then view these two videos.  These fathers think of nothing else but their child’s well being and don’t care what it takes, but they will help them finish and succeed.

Derek Redmond’s Father Coming Out of the Stands to Help His Son Finish His Olympic Race

Team Hoyt – Dick Hoyt Who Runs Marathons and Triathlons With His Son

If I can be just a fraction of what these men, my own father, and the fathers of my athletes are to their kids and families, then I believe that one day I will make that jump from dad to father.