Genesis Athlete Emily Newstrom was featured in the most recent US Lacrosse magazine as one of the top 5 girl lacrosse players to watch this year.

She is a US All-American, Player of the Year, and leads the Cy-Fair Iron Maidens in multiple categories.

In the fall Emily will be heading off to Stanford on a lacrosse scholarship and we know with how hard she works she will dominate out there like she has been doing here.

Emily has been training at Genesis for 3 months now and knows how to work.  When she steps foot into the facility she gets to work out working most of the male athletes that are in the facility.

She continues to get stronger and more powerful and knows how to work hard.

No matter what she does on the lacrosse field or in life, she will be successful.

Do you have that drive and determination to take your game to the next level?

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