Baseball season is only 2 months away, and unfortunately most athletes are just now trying to get ready for it.  They think they can cram in good prep for a season in two months time and not just get stronger, faster, and more powerful, but have it stay the entire season…  It doesn’t work that way.

Real baseball athletes know just how important the entire off season is and start back into their programs as soon as the season ends.

This what a few of the Cy-Falls Baseball Players have done.  They have been training at the facility since summer started getting ready for this season.

Because a good majority of the program has been busting their butts to get better, I can 100% guarantee, that these guys will be the strongest, most powerful, healthiest, and most explosive team in the district, and probably the state.

Check out this video of one of their Friday conditioning workouts to get ready for the season.

Comment and let me know what you think, and if you are serious about getting better for this upcoming baseball season, then contact us today before time runs out and spots fill up for your FREE Consultation and 1 Week Trial.

We only want doers though.  I get contacted all the time about training at the facility and then athletes fail to show up or come up with one excuse after the other because the training is hard.

  • Don’t have the money?  If you are serious about getting better, then you would get a job.
  • Don’t have a ride? If you are serious about getting better, then you would find someone who shows up the same time you do to pick you up.
  • Don’t have the time? If you are serious about getting better, then you can not play the new Call of Duty game for 3 hours a week.
  • Don’t want to anger your coaches by doing something outside the schools program?  If you are serious about getting better, you would realize that to become better than your competition, you have to do something different than your competition… You ever seen a coach sit someone who starts up the season as the strongest, fastest, most powerful person on the team?  I didn’t think so.

But the decision is yours.  If you are scared/lazy/not serious about getting better, then don’t even bother clicking here or giving us at call at (832) 380-5436.  But if you want to step your game up you better hurry.  Other athletes are taking these spots fast and we only accept a small amount of athletes at a time.

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