Question: what happens when the weather cools down, you drag out the prowlers, and you crank up the Pantera to full volume?
Answer: everyone gets stuck in a state of permanent beast mode and does insanely awesome things with extremely heavy weight…

WOD for 9/21/2012:

a) Sandbag zercher squat: 4-6
b) Sledgehammer tire strikes (16/10# hammer): 5 each arm
c) 20 yard prowler push (450/250#)

8:00 max distance BB farmer walk (115/75#); while on turf, bar must be carried in overhead waiter’s carry position. 10 burpees for setting down bar.

a) Back Squat: 3,3,3 (not maximal, perfect form)
b) Blast strap rows: 3x max