Just a reminder – David is going to be hosting a seminar, so there will not be a Saturday group! SO, make sure you come in Friday!

WOD for 6/21/2012:

6 Chest-to-bar Pullups
9 Squats (135/95#)
10 rounds AFAP

rest 3:00, then:

3 rounds of “Partner Rower Tailpipe”:
1 person holds a pair of Kettlebells (55/35#) in the racked position (hands NOT locked together) while the other person rows 250m. If the person holding the kettlebells drops them out of the racked position, both partners stop and perform a 10-burpee penalty. Once the rower reaches 250m, the partners swap places, and will continue this pattern until both have rowed and held kettlebells 3 times.
To perform alone, time how long it takes for the athlete to row 250m, and have him immediately hold the kettlebells for that length of time. Repeat 3x through.