WOD for 6/1/2012:

Trap-bar Deadlift: 1,1,1,1+@90%

a) Overhead Squat: 6-8 reps
b) KB swings: 8-10 reps
c) Keg carry: 40 yards
3 rounds no rest


“Death by Thrusters” (95/65#)
With a clock set to run for 20 minutes, start with 1 thruster the first minute, 2 the 2nd minute, 3 on the 3rd, etc.. If you reach a minute where you fail to complete the thrusters, switch to death by pullups, starting with 8 per minute. If you fail to complete pullups, switch to death by burpees, starting with 10 per minute. If you fail on burpees, spend remainder of 20:00 running.