4 05, 2011

Spring Football is Here!!

Spring Football is finally here for the Genesis athletes.  These guys have been working their butts off since the day the season ended to make sure they get better, bigger, stronger, and faster. It was all about out working the competition and doing what was necessary to get better!! 500lb Box Squat These guys would come in 3 - 4 x week on top of their off-season training at school and track practice and still work their butts off. We had 10th graders crushing numbers in lifts that most college athletes still can't hit.  Guys box squatting over 405 or benching over 300 all while sitting under 200lbs.  These guys are jumping 35-37" in the vert and banging out 20+ dead hang chin-ups, while all their friends are screwing around at their school weight room thinking they are working out but not getting any better. 57" Hurdle Jump Now that Spring Ball is here will they stop training like everyone else?  Of course not.  They are still coming in 2 - 3 x week to make sure they continue to get better, stay healthy, and continue to improve. These are the types of athletes we work with at Genesis.  Only the most dedicated and hardest working athletes who truly want to succeed. They know that spending an hour 3 x week training while everyone else is on Facebook, sleeping, or playing video games is what is going to set them apart and give them the best opportunity to start, make all-district or better, and get that college scholarship.   Do you have what it takes to take your game to the next level?  If so then Genesis is where you need to be training.  Don't [...]

6 04, 2011

3 Genesis Athletes Take Home All-District Basketball Honors

At Genesis we don't get a lot of basketball players. One of the main reasons is because basketball players and coaches are afraid of getting too strong and losing their touch on their shots. Unfortunately most basketball players and coaches think this and in turn it hurts their game and their chances of making it to the next level. They not only depend on their pure athleticism to get them through the season, but most end up injured and beat up because of all the muscle imbalances and weaknesses they have. Strength can and will make you a better basketball player. This summer and fall we only had 3 basketball players train with us. Turns out those 3 all ended up receiving All-District Honors for this past season. 3 for 3 isn't bad, and would make for an awesome Field Goal Percentage. These athletes worked harder than the rest of their competition and because of that they were rewarded. A big congratulations goes to: Jenny Nash - Cy-Woods - 1st Team Girls All-District Basketball Team Audrey Garcia - Cy-Woods - 1st Team Girls All-District Basketball Team Matt "Hooch" Hochstrasser - Cy-Falls - Honorable Mention Boys All-District Basketball Team All 3 of these athletes put in the extra work and got stronger because they wanted to make sure they got the most out of the season. There are only a few spots left before Genesis stops taking athletes and you get placed on a wait list. Why? Because we want to make sure every athlete gets the individual attention they need to make them the best. We cap enrollment at 50 athletes and as of now only have 4-5 more spots available depending on the athletes [...]

31 03, 2011

It’s Finally Here…

So You Aren’t An “Athlete” Anymore? For Most That Might Seem True... But For You?  That Is B.S. Do you miss the training, competition, feeling of accomplishment, and bonding with your teammates through blood, sweat, and tears? Have you been searching for all of the above? Do you still have that drive and toughness to push yourself, outwork, outlast, and be more successful in your training and life than everyone else your age (and younger)? If the answers are YES, then Genesis has finally opened its doors for you. I get asked multiple times a day if I train adults or work with non-athletes and the answer hasn’t always been just a no, but a HELL NO!!! Why?  Because I don't like training the normal adult population or client who doesn't have the desire to achieve something more than lose 10lbs or become a little leaner before swimsuit season. I don't work with athletes who are whiners, cry babies, or are not motivated to do something great, so why waste my time with adults who are that way? But If You Are Truly Serious About Your Training Then Keep Reading... There is now program specifically for you… Project: G Project: G is an elite training program open to any adult who still has that competitive drive and desire to be the best inside of them. These won't be your typical workouts as you aren't a typical person... If you think this program MIGHT be for you, then it isn't… Tire Kickers, Slackers, Procrastinators will not be accepted into this program!! Project: G is only for those who know exactly what they want both in their training and life and just lack the proper environment to [...]

8 03, 2011

2 Genesis Athletes Take Over the Houston Nike Sparq Combine

This past weekend, Nike held it's annual SPARQ combine down in "The" Woodlands, Texas and as usual athletes from all over the south traveled to attend and compete hoping to test well and receive a good SPARQ rating. The weather was horrible and the event was thinking about being canceled, but since over 750 athletes showed up to be tested, they ran it in the freezing cold, wind, and rain. While I'm not a big believer in combines and prefer to train athletes to get better on the field which in turn makes them better in their drills, it is worth mentioning that 2 Genesis Athletes put a show and ended up receiving the 17th and 19th highest SPARQ ratings at the combine. Bryce Peters (17th) and Jacorey Warrick (19th), not only beat out over 750 athletes that attended overall, but for underclassmen, they ranked 3rd and 4th. The best part about their rankings and results?  They haven't done one single "speed" drill, danced through any type of "speed ladder", or run around cones like at other sports performance facilities. So how did they dominate without all the "in" stuff that makes you faster?  By getting stronger and more explosive. The number one way and simplest way to get faster is to get stronger. You run faster by improving the amount of force to which you can apply to the ground. If you hit the ground like a 6 year old girl, it doesn't matter how fast your feet move.  YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE!! These guys have been squatting, flipping tires, deadlifting, pushing prowlers, doing the types of exercises and training that produces results. So you can take your silly ladders, cones, and agility drills, [...]

2 03, 2011

Baseball Season Is Here

After a long tough off-season, baseball has finally gotten started and the Genesis athletes are in it full "swing" (get it). Unfortunately not everyone thinks training during baseball season is good for the athlete, but they couldn't be further from the truth. Doing This Over and Over With No Attempt to Balance It Out is Definitely a Great Idea... Let's try to put it another way that hopefully makes more sense for these athletes/coaches/parents who are afraid of strength training during the season. I want you for the next 4-6 months to take one 5lb dumbbell and every day perform arm circles swinging it around 100-200 times.  Then take that same dumbbell and with both hands swing it across your body (left -> right, or vice versa) 100-200 times every day.  For the entire time period, you can't use the other arm, or swing the dumbbell in the other direction. Imagine how imbalanced your body is going to become and all the injuries that can occur from this type of training.  Unfortunately this is what happens to every baseball athlete who doesn't perform some type of correct strength training during the season and spends all their time concentrating on throwing and hitting. These Types of Imbalances Occur All the Time In Baseball This leads to all sorts of elbow and shoulder injuries, as well as injured backs and weaknesses as the season progresses. Having an athlete train 1-2x a week correctly during the season is going to minimize the risk of all those types of injuries, as well as keep the strong, fast, and explosive the entire season. Imagine being just as fresh, healthy, strong, and powerful in the last game of the season as [...]

23 02, 2011

Genesis Coaches and Athletes Dominate the Metroflex Winter Strongest Man Competition

This past Saturday, a few Genesis athletes and coaches decided to do something different.  They competed in a strongman competition.  Why?  Because if you want to become the best possible athlete, you must be able to compete and train outside your comfort zone and succeed at it. This was everyone's first strongman competition, but it didn't stop them from dominating.  These guys were competing against people who train specifically for these types of competitions and travel across the nation. This is what being an athlete and a champion is all about.  Succeeding no matter what type of situation athletically or in life you are put in. Huge Congrats to these athlete's and coaches who placed: 1st Place Teen Division - Bryce Peters 2nd Place Teen Division - Jared Gansert 2nd Place Police/Military/Fire Division - Connor Galneau Tied for 2nd Place Lightweight Open Division - David Claiborne And a Big Thanks to Nate Green and Alex Rendon for coming out to support the athletes on a Saturday morning. Here is a video of some of the events that took place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m-jd9evNO0 If you want to take your game to the next level and truly become a better athlete, then you need to stop worrying about correct running form, running around cones, and dancing through speed ladders, and train to become powerful, strong, and explosive. If you are committed to becoming the best then Genesis is where you belong.  The word is getting out and spots are filling up quickly!!  We only allow 60 athletes into the program at one time to make sure each one gets exactly what they need to become the best, and there are only a few spots available. Be sure to [...]

26 01, 2011

Freezing My Butt Off To Make Yours Better

I've been trying to get this post put up the past few days, but finally my fingers have defrosted enough to get it typed out. I haven't been at the facility this past week because I've been up in New Jersey working with some of the best strength coaches in the nation to make sure that you are getting the most of your program at Genesis. Sorry... I Only Worked With Real Coaches & Trainers. No Situation Here I have 3 words... "It Is Cold" What I Have Woken Up To Everyday This Week I've braved the 6-8 degree weather to make sure that I'm learning the newest ways out there to not only keep the Genesis athletes on top of their game and dominating, but also healthy. What coaches and locations did I train and workout at? Underground Strength Gym - Edison New Jersey - Zach Even-Esh DeFranco's Training Systems - Wyckoff, New Jersey - Joe DeFranco & Mike Guadango This month at Genesis is going to be intense.  With the knowledge I'm rolling back into town with is definitely going to give my athletes a step ahead of all their competition, and I would hate for you to miss out. We have a few spots still open and normally this is about the time baseball coaches and parents make the horrible mistake of actually stopping their athlete from training, but not at Genesis.  We only work with the parents, athletes, and coaches who get it and because of that we haven't had one athlete put his training on hold because the season is here. If you think you have the drive and dedication to become a champion and dominate the competition, then you [...]