8 09, 2010

New Genesis Created Supplements

The wait is finally over.  After being asked day in and day out by parents, coaches, athletes, etc. what supplements they should take, the Genesis Supplement Line is now available.  In an effort to keep costs low for anyone interested in getting high quality supplements, I decided to not sell the supplement line at the facility or online, but instead let True Protein take care of everything.  This not only guarantees that the costs are going to be the absolute lowest, but you will never have to worry about the product being in stock, back ordered, etc. So what is the Genesis Supplement line?  Well after months of research, trial and error, and working with other strength coaches and sports nutritionists, I finally created 3 supplements that are designed to make you a better athlete by recovering faster, adding in much needed calories, and providing high quality protein sources so you get the most out of each serving. I have been using and working with True Protein for 4 years now and they weren’t just the first company I contacted when wanting to put together supplements, but the only.  They only use the highest quality materials, have the best customer service, and watch out for each customer. So here are the 3 new Genesis Supplements: #1 – Genesis Recovery Fuel Designed to make sure that you get the calories and nutrients when they are most important, post workout. Genesis Recovery Fuel helps with recovery and muscle growth by causing an increase in certain muscle building hormones (primarily insulin) that forces the nutrients your body is craving straight into the muscles.  This formula was designed based off athlete’s recovery rates from different ingredients, ratios, and combinations [...]

23 07, 2010

The Ultimate Muscle Building Recipe

With my wife out of town, I've had to fend for myself when it comes food and that has caused me to crack open the recipe book in my brain. These recipes have been created with three things in mind. To create and help build as much muscle as possible, to only take 10 minutes to prepare, to be cheap, and to have the ability to make huge batches and so it can be eaten on for the next few days. The recipe below I created back in college, and was one of the main meals I ate consistently when putting on muscle. It has everything you need. Protein, multiple sources of healthy dense carbs, natural fats, and multiple vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The dish is called "Mush", but tastes shockingly well. Ingredients: 2 lbs lean ground beef - grass fed preferable and at least 90% lean. One entire box of Uncle Ben's Minute Rice (roughly 4 bags in a box) 2 cans Ranch Style Beans (or if you don't live in the south/Texas any type of beans work) Your favorite hot sauce/salsa Preparation: In a non stick skillet brown lean ground beef. While meat is browning, in a pot bring water to a boil. Use enough to cook every bag of rice (follow instructions on box for prep) Once water is boiling cook rice in pot according to instructions. After rice has finished cooking drain pot, open bags of rice, and put back into empty pot. Add browned ground beef. Open cans of beans and pour into pot. Stir thoroughly adding hot sauce/salsa to taste. Split up the pot into either 4 servings to get 50 grams of protein for each meal, or [...]

21 05, 2010

One SECRET Supplement For Adding Muscle

So you have been hitting the gym hard and trying to eat as much as possible, but still don’t see the results you are going after? If so then you need to make sure you are using this one supplement with every meal and snack you consume. First let’s define what exactly a supplement is. Webster’s dictionary defines supplements as: 1 a : something that completes or makes an addition. This means that anything you add to your normal daily food intake is a supplement. It does not mean that a supplement has to be a pill, powder, drink, cream, spray or whatever the stupid craze is these days in all the bodybuilding magazines. So many people get caught up in the flashy marketing, bodybuilder type pictures, and “super new scientific” breakthroughs, that they forget about the basics. This is great when people are trying to lose weight since these supplements only make the wallet lighter, but for the most part they are worthless. There are some fancy ones out there though that make some awesome claims, and I admit that I have fallen prey to them many times in the past. 20lbs in 3 weeks? No way that could be true… But in the back of my mind I would think “what if it is”. Next thing I know I have shelled out 60-70-80 bucks on total crap. Well not this time. This time I’m going to save your money and time, and just tell you about a supplement that has been giving lifters tremendous gains for many years. You won’t find this at your local GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or other Supplement Warehouse Superstore, but you can purchase it… You ready for the secret? [...]