28 06, 2012

Genesis Strength TV – Episode #7 Summer Edition

Genesis Strength TV - Summer 2012 This Episode Talks About: New Local Athletes New College Athletes Our College Athletes Who Headed Off to School Already Awards and Congrats to Athletes Nutrition Program Being Released & More

16 01, 2012

Houston Baseball Training – Genesis Style

Our Houston high school baseball athletes are preparing for the start of their season. These guys have been working all summer and fall to get a strong, explosive, powerful, fast, and healthy as possible so when they step out on that diamond they are ready to dominate. Check out a few minutes of their workout from a few weeks ago to get them ahead of the competition. www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXQr-DGnYVc  

12 01, 2012

Genesis Athletes Make Cypress All District Football Teams

Hey David here from www.Genesis-AP.com. I hope you are having a great week. One of the local school districts just released their 2011 All-District Football team and Genesis had 2 athletes make the list!! Congrats to Junior Running Back Bryce Peters for making 1st Team All-District!! Congrats to Junior Wide Receiver Jacorey Warrick for making 2nd Team All-District!! What makes these awards so special, is that we don't work with a ton of athletes. It isn't a numbers game with us, we don't try to get 400 athletes enrolled in our program so we can brag on the 1 or 2 who get the awards, scholarships, or contracts. After the majority of our high school athletes graduated last year, we only had 3 varsity football players from that district, and 2 of them ended up taking the district by storm as juniors!! Next year it is going to be even nastier, as our Freshman and Sophomores are already being talked to by their head coaches about starting and playing next year on Varsity. If you don't want to get left behind, have the dedication and commitment to work to become the best you possibly can be, then you need to contact us today to schedule your FREE Consultation and Trial. ==> http://genesis-ap.com/consultation < = = or you can call us at (832) 380-5436 After you have read our web site entirely, if you KNOW you are ready to be different than the norm and ready to get world class training, simply click the special link to set up your F-R-E-E consultation. = = > http://genesis-ap.com/consultation < = = Thank you for understanding our commitment to ONLY working with serious athletes and supportive parents.

10 01, 2012

Houston Sports Performance Training – Football

As football starts winding down for the majority of people, it's time to ask yourself how things went. If you are a coach: Was your team prepared? Did you have a good enough off-season to put your team in a position to even have a good season? Did your in-season program work well enough to keep your players healthy, fast, powerful, and explosive?... Did you even have an in-season program? If you are a player: Did you do everything you possibly could nutrition, recovery, and training wise last off-season to have a good season? How much time did you spend watching film and fixing your mistakes? Did your in-season training program work well enough to make sure you were just as strong, and powerful on the last play of the season as you were the first? Well luckily for you, it doesn't matter what you answered to any of the above questions. Why? Because it is a brand new off-season and right now you need to make the decision on how hard you are going to work this off-season to become better. The others who aren't motivated will say "I'm beat up... I'll start in January", or "I'll train when my team starts their program", or coaches will say "it's been such a long season, we need a few weeks recovery before getting after it again". Most athletes and coaches will go that route, but hopefully you wont. You need to get going now and hit it hard if you really want to get the most out of this off-season. Here is a video of Brian Cushing, Connor Barwin, and JJ Watt performing one of their upper body sessions at Genesis to hopefully [...]

6 01, 2012

Genesis Athletes Kick Off 2012

While most Cypress and Houston area junior high and high school athletes were still getting in one last day of rest before school started back up, our athletes wanted to get a jump on the competition. Check out the video below of our college, high school, and junior high athletes cranking out the first workout of 2012. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7O77JbhNsg  

5 01, 2012

JJ Watt – Houston Football Training

I found this video when looking through my flip cam and couldn't believe I hadn't edited or posted it on here for you guys to check out yet. (I'm really bad at this and is definitely on my list of things to get better at). This is one of the last NFL lockout training workouts we performed at Genesis with JJ Watt before he reported to camp. It was a lower body workout and since he was heading to camp that next week, we focused more on mobility, utilizing strength with imperfection training, and conditioning. We still hit some heavy squats though as heavy lifting should still be the base of any type of training program. The workout consisted of: Safety Bar Box Squats: Working up to a heavy triple (minimum 6 sets) Safety Bar Chaos Reverse Lunges: 3 x 6-8 Each Leg Partner Assisted Dynamic KB Swings: 4 x 10-12 Litvinov Prowler Sprints - 6 sets of 20 yards Litvinov Prowler Sprints consist of holding a kettlebell and performing 5 jumps, and then going right into a 20 yard high side prowler sprint. We rested 40 seconds (NFL playclock length), and went right back into the jumps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuTwctHh_eE You can see why JJ is tearing up opposing offenses and is a force to be reckoned with his rookie season. DC PS - Have any questions about the training, exercises, sets/reps, or anything else, drop me a comment below.  

4 05, 2011

Spring Football is Here!!

Spring Football is finally here for the Genesis athletes.  These guys have been working their butts off since the day the season ended to make sure they get better, bigger, stronger, and faster. It was all about out working the competition and doing what was necessary to get better!! 500lb Box Squat These guys would come in 3 - 4 x week on top of their off-season training at school and track practice and still work their butts off. We had 10th graders crushing numbers in lifts that most college athletes still can't hit.  Guys box squatting over 405 or benching over 300 all while sitting under 200lbs.  These guys are jumping 35-37" in the vert and banging out 20+ dead hang chin-ups, while all their friends are screwing around at their school weight room thinking they are working out but not getting any better. 57" Hurdle Jump Now that Spring Ball is here will they stop training like everyone else?  Of course not.  They are still coming in 2 - 3 x week to make sure they continue to get better, stay healthy, and continue to improve. These are the types of athletes we work with at Genesis.  Only the most dedicated and hardest working athletes who truly want to succeed. They know that spending an hour 3 x week training while everyone else is on Facebook, sleeping, or playing video games is what is going to set them apart and give them the best opportunity to start, make all-district or better, and get that college scholarship.   Do you have what it takes to take your game to the next level?  If so then Genesis is where you need to be training.  Don't [...]