2 03, 2011

Baseball Season Is Here

After a long tough off-season, baseball has finally gotten started and the Genesis athletes are in it full "swing" (get it). Unfortunately not everyone thinks training during baseball season is good for the athlete, but they couldn't be further from the truth. Doing This Over and Over With No Attempt to Balance It Out is Definitely a Great Idea... Let's try to put it another way that hopefully makes more sense for these athletes/coaches/parents who are afraid of strength training during the season. I want you for the next 4-6 months to take one 5lb dumbbell and every day perform arm circles swinging it around 100-200 times.  Then take that same dumbbell and with both hands swing it across your body (left -> right, or vice versa) 100-200 times every day.  For the entire time period, you can't use the other arm, or swing the dumbbell in the other direction. Imagine how imbalanced your body is going to become and all the injuries that can occur from this type of training.  Unfortunately this is what happens to every baseball athlete who doesn't perform some type of correct strength training during the season and spends all their time concentrating on throwing and hitting. These Types of Imbalances Occur All the Time In Baseball This leads to all sorts of elbow and shoulder injuries, as well as injured backs and weaknesses as the season progresses. Having an athlete train 1-2x a week correctly during the season is going to minimize the risk of all those types of injuries, as well as keep the strong, fast, and explosive the entire season. Imagine being just as fresh, healthy, strong, and powerful in the last game of the season as [...]

26 01, 2011

Freezing My Butt Off To Make Yours Better

I've been trying to get this post put up the past few days, but finally my fingers have defrosted enough to get it typed out. I haven't been at the facility this past week because I've been up in New Jersey working with some of the best strength coaches in the nation to make sure that you are getting the most of your program at Genesis. Sorry... I Only Worked With Real Coaches & Trainers. No Situation Here I have 3 words... "It Is Cold" What I Have Woken Up To Everyday This Week I've braved the 6-8 degree weather to make sure that I'm learning the newest ways out there to not only keep the Genesis athletes on top of their game and dominating, but also healthy. What coaches and locations did I train and workout at? Underground Strength Gym - Edison New Jersey - Zach Even-Esh DeFranco's Training Systems - Wyckoff, New Jersey - Joe DeFranco & Mike Guadango This month at Genesis is going to be intense.  With the knowledge I'm rolling back into town with is definitely going to give my athletes a step ahead of all their competition, and I would hate for you to miss out. We have a few spots still open and normally this is about the time baseball coaches and parents make the horrible mistake of actually stopping their athlete from training, but not at Genesis.  We only work with the parents, athletes, and coaches who get it and because of that we haven't had one athlete put his training on hold because the season is here. If you think you have the drive and dedication to become a champion and dominate the competition, then you [...]

13 12, 2010

Are You Strong Enough?

Are you strong enough to be fast? The easiest way to increase your speed is to get stronger... Period. Far to often to athletes and parents get caught up in the gimmicks of "speed training", and forget what actually makes someone not just faster, but also a better athlete.  That is strength and power. Athletes and parents come to me all the time asking if I can make them faster, but then turning around and saying that they aren't allowed to squat because of a lower back weakness or knee problem. If you continue to baby a weak area, how is it ever going to get stronger and healthier?  If you have a weak lower back, then no matter how "fast" you become, you aren't going to go anywhere. You have to lift hard, heavy, correct, and powerful.  If you do this and concentrate on your entire backside (calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and upper back), then you will get faster. Chains On a 45 Degree Hyper = Ultimate Speed Builder Far too often to people only train what they can see and this causes all sorts of muscle imbalances, injuries, weaknesses, and problems. You give the body a good hard dose of posterior chain training using the correct exercises, techniques, and methods, you automatically become faster... and not just faster on a straight away like other speed schools teach. You start exploding in and out of cuts, accelerate faster, run through and around people, change of direction, and dominate no matter what situation you are in during the game. BUT If you continue to train how everyone else trains then all you can get prepared for, is injuries, muscle imbalances, never getting better, and [...]

2 12, 2010

Houston Pro Baseball Training

Nearly every baseball player no matter how old only has a few months left before their season starts up. Unfortunately for the majority of these athletes, they will actually start worrying about training to get ready for the season in January. I'll never understand how someone can expect to prepare for a 4 to 8 month long season in just a month, but it seems to be the norm especially the higher up a player gets. I've watched many high school, collegiate, and pro baseball players say they need to take 2-3 months off after the season to let their body recover, because last season really wore on them... This just starts a vicious cycle in which they continue to get weaker and more injury prone, because they have to rest and not train to get stronger and healthier. Here is a short video of one of our pro baseball guys who wants to be different. He realized that these 2+ months are key in determining just how ready you are going to be for the next season, and he wants to make the most of it. Ben just got back from a Fall Ball league in Arizona and just recently finished up his regular season with the Toledo Mud Hens the AAA affiliate for the Detroit Tigers. He knows that to make that next jump is going to take hard work and dedication and while everyone else is "resting and recovering", he is busting it at the facility to get better. Check out the video below of one of his upper body days and let me know what you think. You will also notice just how much upper back work we are doing compared [...]

18 11, 2010

Cy-Falls Baseball Conditioning Workout

Baseball season is only 2 months away, and unfortunately most athletes are just now trying to get ready for it.  They think they can cram in good prep for a season in two months time and not just get stronger, faster, and more powerful, but have it stay the entire season...  It doesn't work that way. Real baseball athletes know just how important the entire off season is and start back into their programs as soon as the season ends. This what a few of the Cy-Falls Baseball Players have done.  They have been training at the facility since summer started getting ready for this season. Because a good majority of the program has been busting their butts to get better, I can 100% guarantee, that these guys will be the strongest, most powerful, healthiest, and most explosive team in the district, and probably the state. Check out this video of one of their Friday conditioning workouts to get ready for the season. Comment and let me know what you think, and if you are serious about getting better for this upcoming baseball season, then contact us today before time runs out and spots fill up for your FREE Consultation and 1 Week Trial. We only want doers though.  I get contacted all the time about training at the facility and then athletes fail to show up or come up with one excuse after the other because the training is hard. Don't have the money?  If you are serious about getting better, then you would get a job. Don't have a ride? If you are serious about getting better, then you would find someone who shows up the same time you do to [...]

6 10, 2010

Houston In-Season Football Training

Did you know that the average high school football player loses 10lbs and 15-25% of their speed and strength they worked so hard build up over summer over the course of an entire season? You must have a good in season training program if you want to continue to dominate your games at the end of the season like you did at the beginning. Not only will you stay stronger, faster, more explosive, and healthier than everyone else, but by participating in a good in season football program, you will be ready to dominate the next off season. Check out this video of some of our more serious high school football athletes putting in the work to become the best. If you are serious about taking your football game and training to the next level, then don't settle for other places that stick you in with the other athletes.  You have to train different to be different.  Contact us today to set up your FREE Consultation & Trial so you can dominate the competition - (832) 380-5436. DC

19 08, 2010

Baseball Training Houston, TX & Shoulder Strength

One of the most important things in baseball is having healthy, strong, and stable shoulders.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is by forcing a baseball player to move their entire body through their arms.  One of the many variations that accomplish this task is the basic shoulder walk seen in the video below. You want to keep the arms locked, reach out your hand, and pull yourself forward using your shoulders.  This is not a bear crawl or other form of animal walk so your hands will not ever come up off the ground.  Instead it is more of a scooting and pulling motion to move the body. Check out the video and let me know what you think. D