If You Are a Baseball Athlete
Looking to:

  • Increase Your Chances of Making the Team or Getting a Scholarship
  • Add Power Behind Every Swing
  • Drop Tenths Off Your 60 Yard Dash
  • Keep Your Shoulders and Elbows Healthy
  • Improve Your Lateral Agility
  • Develop the Leg & Core Strength Needed to Dominate on the Diamond
  • Minimize Your Risk of Injury

Then You Need to Keep Reading!

What is the Genesis Baseball Specific Training Program?

Since 2009 Genesis Fitness & Performance has been helping baseball players stay healthy and take their performance to the next level.

Every athlete begins with an individual assessment to analyze their movement, goals, needs, and abilities.

Based off the results from the assessment, each athlete receives an individually customized baseball specific training program providing them the exact training needed to make sure your current strengths are maintained, weaknesses corrected, and improvement on the field.

Areas that are assessed and trained include:

  • Rotational Power
  • Footwork & Agility
  • Shoulder Health
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Baseball Specific Strength
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Work Capacity

We GUARANTEE that our cutting edge baseball training program creates bigger, stronger, and faster athletes in far less time than traditional methods or other programs located around the Houston, TX area.

We take the time to understand each factor that affects our athletes each time they walk into Genesis.

We know that baseball can be a year round sport here in Houston, TX and because of that always check with our athletes to see how they are feeling, how they are feeling, if they played the night before, and even how they are sleeping and eating.

By doing this, each workout then becomes optimized to ensure that every baseball player stays injury-free, recovered, strong, explosive, powerful, and dominates anytime they step foot on the diamond.


Every Training Session Includes:

  • Mobility & Flexibility training so our athletes move better and stay healthy.
  • Speed and lateral agility training so they can turn singles into doubles, doubles into triples, and get to the ball in the gap quicker.
  • Core training because throwing and hitting success is built around a strong core.
  • Baseball specific power development, so our athletes are explosive and powerful in a way that carries over to the field
  • Conditioning that is specific to baseball and our athlete’s position, age, and needs, so they never feel fatigued when on the field even if it’s the last game of a tournament or a the season progresses.
  • Recovery and regeneration techniques to specifically help our athletes perform at their highest level and keep their shoulders, elbows, and other joints healthy.

What makes our program so successful, is we not only make sure every athlete gets the individual attention they need to get the most from each workout and maximize their results, but our staff travels all across the country attending seminars and clinics to make sure our baseball athletes receive top of the line, cutting edge training, so they never fall behind.

What Training Options Do I Have?

The Genesis Baseball Specific Training Program, is designed for serious baseball athletes going into 9th – 12th grade.

We currently offer training in 3 month and 12 month plans. All programs can be modified to the athlete’s current season.

Our Baseball Specific Training Program is offered at the following times (Summer 2015 Schedule):

  • Monday – Friday: 2:00PM, 3:00PM, 4:00PM, & 6:00PM
  • Saturday: 9:00AM
  • Make-Up Sessions Can Be Completed: Monday & Wednesday @ 7:00PM or Saturday @ 11:00AM

How Do I Get Started?

Before joining the Baseball Specific Program at Genesis Fitness & Performance, every athlete will go through an initial assessment 1-on-1 with a coach.

This assessment includes:

  • Goal setting session where the athlete, coach, and parent sit down to set their short term and long term goals.
  • Movement screen, which helps reveal muscle imbalances, joint health, and movement issues that may be holding an athlete back on the field.
  • Baseball Specific Performance Testing which will evaluate speed, strength, lateral agility, coordination, rotational power, explosiveness, and endurance

Our Baseball Specific Training Program Has Limited Spots Available & Once They Are Filled You Will Be Placed on a Waiting List

To Get Started Today, Contact us NOW by clicking on the graphic below or calling (832) 380-5436 to schedule your 1-on-1 consultation and learn how Genesis Fitness & Performance can help you accomplish all of your baseball goals!


Genesis Baseball District Wall of Fame


  • Riley Gossett – 1st Team
  • Ryan Finke – 1st Team
  • Tyler Rand – 1st Team
  • Kyle Finkenstaedt – 1st Team
  • John Michael Sopher – 1st Team
  • Zach Sweet – 1st Team
  • Gabe Flores – 2nd Team
  • Mikey Hoehner – 2nd Team
  • Cody Chrest – 2nd Team
  • Brady Perez – 2nd Team
  • Johnny Rizer – 2nd Team All District
  • Matt Waddell – Honorable Mention
  • Maxx Chrest – Honorable Mention
  • Sean Hudson – Honorable Mention
  • Gabe Sequeria – Honorable Mention
  • Jarrod Wells – Honorable Mention


  • Riley Gossett – 1st Team
  • Aaron Fletcher – 1st Team
  • Mark Hammel – 1st Team
  • Cole Hanson – 1st Team
  • Gonzalo Garcia Sosa – 1st Team
  • Kyle Finkenstaedt – 1st Team
  • Johnny Rizer – 1st Team
  • Maxx Chrest – 2nd Team
  • Tyler Rand – Honorable Mention
  • Sean Hudson – Honorable Mention
  • Gabe Sequeria – Honorable Mention
  • Blake Joiner – Honorable Mention
  • Langham Creek Varsity Baseball – District Champs


  • Tyler Rand – 1st Team
  • Aaron Fletcher – 1st Team
  • Bryce Johnson – 1st Team
  • Mark Hammel – 2nd Team
  • Connor Macalla – 2nd Team
  • Tyler Ellison – 2nd Team
  • Riley Gossett – Honorable Mention
  • Eric Flores Honorable Mention


  • Hunter Lemke – 1st Team (2010)
  • Scott Stanley – 1st Team (2010)
  • Horacio Correa – 1st Team (2010)
  • Mark Hammel Honorable Mention (2012)
  • Langham Creek Varsity Baseball – District Champs (2012)