After a long tough off-season, baseball has finally gotten started and the Genesis athletes are in it full “swing” (get it).

Unfortunately not everyone thinks training during baseball season is good for the athlete, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Doing This Over and Over With No Attempt to Balance It Out is Definitely a Great Idea…

Let’s try to put it another way that hopefully makes more sense for these athletes/coaches/parents who are afraid of strength training during the season.

I want you for the next 4-6 months to take one 5lb dumbbell and every day perform arm circles swinging it around 100-200 times.  Then take that same dumbbell and with both hands swing it across your body (left -> right, or vice versa) 100-200 times every day.  For the entire time period, you can’t use the other arm, or swing the dumbbell in the other direction.

Imagine how imbalanced your body is going to become and all the injuries that can occur from this type of training.  Unfortunately this is what happens to every baseball athlete who doesn’t perform some type of correct strength training during the season and spends all their time concentrating on throwing and hitting.

These Types of Imbalances Occur All the Time In Baseball

This leads to all sorts of elbow and shoulder injuries, as well as injured backs and weaknesses as the season progresses.

Having an athlete train 1-2x a week correctly during the season is going to minimize the risk of all those types of injuries, as well as keep the strong, fast, and explosive the entire season.

Imagine being just as fresh, healthy, strong, and powerful in the last game of the season as you were during the first, and how much of an advantage you have over everyone else who isn’t that way.

Training in-season is necessary in order to become the best athlete possible, but unfortunately the ones who do attempt it always do it incorrectly.  I have seen baseball players perform an in-season program by bench pressing, curling, and performing even worse exercises that only cause risk to the athlete even further.  You have to do it correctly and under the supervision of a qualified coach who knows your body and your strengths/weaknesses.  Because we never have more than 60 athletes enrolled at one time, and never allow more than 6 in a group that is exactly what you get at Genesis.  We know and talk to every athlete that walks in our door to train to make sure we are doing exactly what they need to stay healthy, strong, powerful, and get better.

If you want to get the most out of this baseball season, it isn’t too late.  Don’t wait until the next off-season to start training.  Get a head start on the competition and finish the season healthier, faster, and more explosive than any of your teammates and opponents.

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