This past weekend, Nike held it’s annual SPARQ combine down in “The” Woodlands, Texas and as usual athletes from all over the south traveled to attend and compete hoping to test well and receive a good SPARQ rating.

The weather was horrible and the event was thinking about being canceled, but since over 750 athletes showed up to be tested, they ran it in the freezing cold, wind, and rain.

While I’m not a big believer in combines and prefer to train athletes to get better on the field which in turn makes them better in their drills, it is worth mentioning that 2 Genesis Athletes put a show and ended up receiving the 17th and 19th highest SPARQ ratings at the combine.

Bryce Peters (17th) and Jacorey Warrick (19th), not only beat out over 750 athletes that attended overall, but for underclassmen, they ranked 3rd and 4th.

The best part about their rankings and results?  They haven’t done one single “speed” drill, danced through any type of “speed ladder”, or run around cones like at other sports performance facilities.

So how did they dominate without all the “in” stuff that makes you faster?  By getting stronger and more explosive.

The number one way and simplest way to get faster is to get stronger. You run faster by improving the amount of force to which you can apply to the ground.

If you hit the ground like a 6 year old girl, it doesn’t matter how fast your feet move.  YOU AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE!!

These guys have been squatting, flipping tires, deadlifting, pushing prowlers, doing the types of exercises and training that produces results.

So you can take your silly ladders, cones, and agility drills, and we will take our weights, prowlers, tires, and boxes and see you on the field.

Here are just a few pics of Jacorey and Bryce on the football field and in the facility.  These guys are only in 10th grade and will definitely be beasts!!

Congrats to Both Athletes for Taking Honorable Mention and Ranking so High at the 2011 Nike Sparq Combine

Click here if you want to read more about the combine and see their results – Nike SPARQ Combine

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